Dr Anna Zderkiewicz-Altayeb M.D, BCAM Associate (British College of Aesthetic Medicine) , Member of WOSIAM (World Society of  Interdisciplinary Anti Aging Medicine) GMC registered practitioner (Reg NO 6107583) is the owner of Two Dimensions. She has worked within the medical profession for over 15 years (including 13 years of experience in aesthetic medicine). Dr Anna is famous for her subtle ways with Botox, chemical peels, mesotherapy and dermal fillers, treatments that slow down process of aging. "I love my job, making people happy on daily basis!!  And they make me happy too, every meeting is like a social encounter with so many different people I meet".

I enhance the charm of each patient, but I don't go too far. I have spent many years working in the aesthetic field and I am passionate about what I do. It enables me to find the most advanced and successful treatments that the industry has to offer, in order to provide people with the best results….but if you wish to look “overdone” I’m not the right doctor for you”